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Badou is a young male 8 year old elephant and a prince that will grow up to be king of Celesteville just like his grandfather King Babar. He wears a blue shirt with a little golden crown marking on the right. He wears white boxer shorts with little gold crowns on them with red and white sneakers.

In Season 3, most of Badou's appearance remains the same but now he wears a crown on his head.

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He enjoys the taste of adventure like his grandpa, very helpful and loyal to his friends. Known to be smart as well as quick on his feet. In The Thunderclap it is said from Pom that Badou has a lot energy and imagination including in Spy Trap when he thought mice were planning an invasion. He even shows kindness and compassion to everyone, even if some don't consider him a friend but it doesn't stop him from doing the right thing.

In a few episodes, Badou has a tendency to impatient seen in The Key and New Tusks

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